Calm down you fellow Quackers. No reference to our beloved Oregon Duck athletic program here…maybe some other time. After a win, perhaps. No, rather this is a promotion for money-pinched anglers to pick up their next hiking pack in the DUCK HUNTING section of your favorite outdoor store.


Not only will you pay less than half of what you would for something designed specifically for anglers or hunters…you will also ensure your bag is waterproof, larger than most of it’s counterparts and contains many pockets and straps which if you don’t hang duck necks from them…will hold your salmon kills very nicely.

Here’s a demonstration photo of my pack right before heading home from yesterday’s ‘day to remember’.


  1. Steve G aka The Hustler says:

    Be careful walking through the woods like that. Someone is libel to cast an owner in your a$$. Haha. Good tip. I often wondered should i ever catch multiple fish how would I pack them out. I thought maybe string them on my rod.

    Steve G aka The Hustler

  2. Hellcat says:

    This comment made me snort coffee out of my nose. Yes. I drink coffee at night too.


  3. Fishing Tips says:

    I sure wish I owned one of these bags the other day. A limit on a stick over the shoulder had me crying like a B on the hike out. Not only did my pack, hat, and jacket smell like a dead Salmon my lower back was shot.. I’ll have to ask for one for Christmas I guess. Well it’s one of these or a Go Pro..Hmmm..

    Fishing Tips

  4. Hellcat says:

    Those duck bags are only 60 bucks too. Helluva deal. A river fisherman’s must have.


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