And now All Around television presents: The Season is the Sickness. A feature film featuring Sturdy Kirby Cannon, Colin The Crusher, Steve The Traveler Lynch and yours truly…H3llcat.

There will be at least one more movie from this weekend of salmon madness which yielded 27 keeper, chrome bright silvers to the back of our rigs….and another 25 that won the battle against the angler. Fifty-some coho hooked in two days. Sometimes it just happens.

***NEW MOVIE HERE!!! (This version suitable for mobile phones)


  1. Hellcat says:

    This version of the movie was prepared in a lower rez format suitable for mobiles. I’ll be posting a high rez version as well in about an hour. Thanks.

  2. Fishing Tips says:

    Right on man I was able to watch this on my cellular phone out on roam today. Really like that idea Mobil platform and high rez your a G


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