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This movie was shot Sunday, November 4th, with Chad Lynch Guide Service, Chad Brockman Hardy, John Webb and yours truly. Enjoy.

About a week ago and before our first batch of rain we received in almost 4 months….the coastal tidal fisheries had become very low and unpredictable. It was just about then that John Webb told me he had an impromptu trip for chinook with pro guide and AAA sponsor, Chad Lynch, of Chad Lynch Guide […]

…this movie is produced by and featured three of the baddest river anglers around….(new image provided by Don Melendez) Got your own footage you’d like turned into a kickin’ tail movie like this one???? AAA offers video services and I’ve got the experience to back the play. If so, let’s talk. * * * […]

…TO THE LEFT….Chad Lynch aka SDP (steelhead destruction productions) and John Hippie Kicker Webb make a wicked metal hunting duo….. Chris Blanchard and Carlin Sage of the NWKillersFishing team (visit them from my LINKS section) are no strangers to late season heavy metal. Neither is John Freaking Webb. I’m supposed to call John the Hippie […]