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Posted: September 11, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead
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NWK Fishing stands for North West Killers Fishing and is a proud sponsor of AllAroundAngler.com. Find them on FB @ ‘Nwk Fishing’ or click on their sponsor logo to visit their blog.

Words from the Angler…Cpt of the Killers Team, Chris Blanchard.

“Well we have been putting in work….the coho are late…this time last year there were big groups of fish were already coming in…at this point there are an average of 6 fish a day being caught by bankies….puting big fresh water nooks in a boat is nothing on pulling them in from the bank…..there is no chasing the fish around, you have to have heavy test and a strong rod and reel…

..some fight last more then ten minutes, shutting down everyones fishing while they watch that person fight there hog…there is great respect amongst coast bank anglers…we are somewhat of a team….Soon there will be many fish being caught at a time….the most i have seen was 5 fish on at once…makes for some spectacular fights!…..

So as for now we are casting hard, maybe throwing a 1+ oz weight around 500-1000 times a day….dedication is what it takes out there until the bigger groups move in….Two hours before hightide has been the golden hours. That is when we have seen the most fish caught. So far we have landed 4 and lost three…the weather has been very calm lately, soon we will be watching our backs againt enormous sneaker waves that wipe people out on the regular…seems like the green has been catching the most fish but pink is turning into fire lately.

Soon there will be clinics held by many, can’t wait…only then will all the previous trips of the year be justified…at this point its just day to day…the 15th opens for native coho retention…but have only seen a hand full of coho caught all natives except the one ken james got, he hooked the first clipper coho of the year on the bank…(from what we have heard)…definetly shaping up to be a great season…

…its always funner in the pooring rain, maybe becuase there arent as many die hards as us…..remember dedication…stick with it…..the 20 #er I caught on Saturday was on and around the 500th cast….on another note…crabbing has been fanominal!!! Tons and tons of crabs!” Chris Blanchard

NOW for some NWK Fishing pics…Killers style!

**Clicking on an individual picture will give you full screen high resolution of each shot**

  1. jason says:

    Great write, killer pics. I find that fishery fascinating. Love your Stuff NWK. Top notch.

  2. Hellcat says:

    I agree….they have some unique approaches to traditional fisheries. I love their s*** too.

  3. Oneshot says:

    those are some big nooks from bank!

    p.s. cool site! thanks! just stumbled upon this today

  4. Hellcat says:

    Thank you, Oneshot! I created this site 7 years ago. My name is Chrisopher Heller and I go by H3llcat. Find me on FB at Christopher Heller.

  5. Very nice Chris and the NWK crew! Great photos. Dedication and hard work pays off 🙂 Nice read as well!

  6. thanks guys…and thanks Chris for throwing this up…Amen for AAA….I will do a new write up as soon as things progress!

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