Each month I put together a compilation of photos and/or video clips of accomplishments from the previous 30 days.

It’s called the All Around Angler.com Brag Board.

It features both pics that have been emailed to me or the website as well as action the Team has captured out on the water.

Some anglers prefer to ‘friend’ me on Facebook where I can then upload their photos from there. You can find me there at ‘Christopher Heller’ and send me a friend request if you’d like.

I’m proud to say this Brag Board features 21 contributing anglers….including Yours Truly. Every format is slightly different. In this edition I would like to recognize the participators right here in the post itself.

Participating anglers include: Sturdy Kirby Cannon, Colin The Crusher, Jeff Donaca, Steve G aka The Hustler, Christopher Superman Reed, Matthew MME Stuart, Steve L aka The Traveler, Joshua J Blaze Colkitt, Shawn Nookslayer Richey, Brian Meskel, Joshua H2O Thomas, Matthew MCP Morris, Kevin Hart, David Gassaway, Abe Allison, Ryan Kelner, Chris Hookah Newson, Dave Sal Monid Heller, Luis El Padron Rivas and Ken Kenny Mack MacDonald.

Featured music by Modest Mouse


  1. Auntie says:

    Looks like November was good to you guys! There are some real hawg’s on there. How I would love to join in the fun!!!

  2. Hellcat says:

    I think about you every time I’m out there, Auntie. I really miss ya.

    Love, Neph

  3. If December is anything like November it’s gonna be off the chain. Cant wait to see all the chrome Steelies! Great vid El Capitan H3llcat.

  4. The Hustler says:

    Truly a November to remember. Thanks for making this, H3llcat.

  5. Hellcat says:

    Sargent and The Hustler…we must plan an outing this winter. Glad to have you both on board. Just a real pleasure.

  6. Steve says:

    Definitely a memorable November, many chrome and many ear to ear smiles in that brag board,,,,so much fun! Thanks again for introducing us to a great group of people and anglers.
    May December be as kind,,,,seems to be the case with the recent steelie vids and pics.

    Steve & Sveta

  7. daheller says:

    Excellent roll up of the last month. I thought you did a great job on the video. Looking forward to winter steelies and maybe even a December Nook. Sal

  8. Hellcat says:

    Steve our month wouldn’t have been the same without your expertise and unselfish opening up of some of your treasured waters. We owe you a lot buddy. Thanks for being such a stand up angler and so much fun to be around.

  9. Hellcat says:

    Thanks Dad! That king you caught at the end of the month was a home run. Man that had to feel great.

  10. Steve says:

    Your Dad’s catch at the close of the month undoubtedly put the Icing on the cake,……..that was a monster king

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