Steeling the days away…Segment 3

Posted: January 12, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead
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When I get a bunch of steel in my inbox over a short period of time….I like to bunch the photos and ‘words from the anglers’ up into one nice post. I’ve been calling them ‘Steeling the days away’. Here’s a third segment to that series. All in the game and for the name of river angling. As always, thanks to all that agree to participate with All Around Angler. Remember…this website is For River Fishermen. By River Fishermen. But we’re ALL AROUND….so you’ll always see something fresh and new from out of the area or out of our basic genre. Thanks again. Christopher Heller, Site Founder

Anglers names are featured above the photo and their ‘words’ are located in quotations underneath….

Tommy Fishsauce Nguyen

“Got to the hole, not a single one there, sweet! Water was in perfect shape, emerald green baby! Three for three today, all on jigs tipped with sandshrimp. Best lunch break I’ve had in a while.”

Captain Jack Etling

“Hey chris, I made a quick stop at a local trib this morning and after missing a bobber down at the first hole I tried, I moved and found this nice buck on my second cast. First of the season, nice to get the monkey off my back. Keep up the good work player!”

Will ‘Money’ Boothe

“Local Tributary”

Mr. David Willis

“The pink worm strikes again”


“Spinna steelhead”

Dan Dano Dettman

“Took Dean along…Unreal…New Years coho chrome!”

“What an awesone Ney Years Day! Caught 5 coho, lost one, caught a 15# wild steelhead and the weather was warm & dry!”

“Caught a winter steelhead yesterday and today. Didn’t take a pic of yesterday’s metalhead but here’s the smaller one I caught today. Second river we fished today out of three different rivers. Real sloooow today so I moved around. Might be the first time I ever fish three different rivers in a single day.”

Ali ‘Meluvtrout’ Duran

And finally some killer eggs from Ethan Eisenstein

“I just cured up about 16 skeins and they’re ready to fish! Just got to get out there now”

  1. Captain Jack says:

    Haha! something tells me Will Boothe and I were on the same “Local Tributary”.

  2. Very nice photos guys! Good work!

  3. daheller says:

    Damn, those are some nice looking fish. I especially liked the first three pics and the three river in a day angler. Sal

  4. Superman says:

    Nice fish guys! Damn that got me jonsing to hit the river.

  5. Big Tone says:

    Great looking fish to all.
    Those eggs look great and ready to go. Red Hot Double Stuff To Go???
    Coho & Steelhead chromage!!!

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