Myhre gets Ling~tacular…..

Posted: January 12, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Out of Area
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All Around is proud to introduce Michael Myhre (Pronounced My-Ree) to our humble abode. Michael’s a buddy of mine that lives down south and is a big archery hunter, bass angler and overall All Around Outdoorsman. I’m super stoked Michael thought of his with his kick butt Ling Pics and story to go along. You’re welcome back anytime, brother. Just stay away from any fences or gates. I digress. Here’s Myhre talking about their trip and the pics to go along with it:

Words from the angler:

“The story on those fish was….four guys on the boat, two fish each, making eight total. All fish 35″-38”. On the water about six hours, but some of that was setting and pulling crab traps as well as running in and out. Total fish time was probably under five hours. Fish all caught off high spot (280ft-320ft) & most came on big hand poured twin tail grubs tipped with squid on 16oz heads. Also cught fish on crude lead pipe with prizm tape. Just find the fish and put it in thier face. I don’t think it really mattered much what it was. It’s nicer to go after the 15th as the females have usually dumped thier eggs by then, but you gotta get out when you get the weather to go. Water temp was 51 degrees. Blue bird skies and 59 degrees air temp. No wind to speak of. Decent sweels and had to come in early on and outgoing minus tide before the coast guard closed to under 20′. It got a little “hairball” coming in. Lets just say the life jackets were on and I’m glad the Captain was an ‘old salt’. Great day other than loosing two crab pots into the surf due to the big swells. Can’t wait to go again. Oh and the “buddy” boat that went out with us limited as well with one monster going 44″. In our boat AKA “the Extinctionist” was Captain Bob, Me, Chris, and Mark. oh and Crabbing sucked.”

January 2012

  1. The Crusher says:

    Boat load of fish and chips there!nice lings and welcome guys!

  2. Superman says:

    Way to go guys! Nice haul of the green meat and beautiful weather. Can’t beat that in January. Thanks for the story and pics…made me a bit jealous!

  3. Anne's Revenge says:

    Oh yeah! Great lings, and great story!
    I cant wait til mid February or so. The fish start spawinin up on the north side of the state, and I can finally get to ‘im from the rocks!

  4. MCP Morris says:

    Yeah go Myhre thats sick. Hawgs.

  5. Big Tone says:

    That is a sick job of knowing how to go get the bottom fish, and when the best time of the day is to make it happen in a sled.
    Major props to you guys.
    If I remember right, March is the best month of the year to head out to the “Rock Pile” for the Bottom Fish Bonanza.

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