I am proud fishing partner and friend to Kirby Cannon. I met Kirby along a coastal river a few years ago and quickly gave him the All Around Angler.com nickname: Sturdy Kirby. Kirby has quite the local following already….but I was hoping by him and I partnering up we could both reach out to more of you out there who might benefit from our products and services. I hope you enjoy this very informative promotional video featuring Sturdy Kirby Cannon and his excellent custom tackle company, PDXSALMONJUNKIE.com.


  1. The Crusher says:

    Great video kirby,im new to spinners and this video is very helpfull with the styles of blades and different water to fish them in,lookin forward to throwin out my kirby spinners this spring in the willy!

  2. The Hustler says:

    Nice job fellas. Kirby, are you fishing these on the bottom and suspended just like you would herring?

  3. Sturdy says:

    Will be updating web site with all the new spreaders and new lures for 2012.

  4. skip says:

    Reppin the skinnys sweatshirt even! Showing me some hometown love Kirby!

  5. Kirby says:

    Hustler if im trolling it’s the same as trolling herring…..if on anchor yes on bottom just like running prawn rig ,kwikfish.

    Skip im always stopimg in there anytime im fishing that way…..plus theres some nice candy in there.

    Crusher hit me up and i can send you your lures or how ever you wana get them.

  6. Jose says:

    Why can’t I go pdxsalmonjunkie.com? Does it no longer exist or does it have a new name?

    Great video btw.

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