Deschutes ‘21

Posted: February 3, 2021 by Hellcat in Fish Reports
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Hopefully by the end of the year we are all vaccinated and safe so we can fish more often and with more people!

I was able to break away and make a trip over to the Deschutes with the fellas a couple weeks ago. It’s become a tradition for us to meet up at The Imperial Lodge in January and try our luck for redside rainbow trout. It was so nice to be able to stick to it!

Prell was able to wrestle a toad out of there and the rest of us basically practiced our casting…but I’ll take it! Can’t wait to see these guys again soon for a spring trip!

John Prell with a Dandy redside!!!
Me, Prell, DC, Murray, Meskel & Richey
When everyone drives separately during a pandemic!
Deschutes River, Maupin OR
  1. Sal Monid says:

    Excellent pictures and a great tradition. It is a tough looking crowd but looks like everyone had a great time.

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