Angling Coaching/Guiding arm of AAA in full effect…..

Posted: August 27, 2013 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Fly Fishing, Gear Fishing, News, Out of Area, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead, Tips & Advice, Warm Water

Insured. Certified. Safe. Learn to perform your favorite kind of fishing with ease once I teach you how. Coaching and guiding services are now live. This is the next phase of my Juggernaut called All Around Angler.

This program offered through my coaching services is protected legally as any other licensed guide program. For the remainder of 2013 I am a Washington State recognized and endorsed outfitter/guide and have complied with all the according and necessary insurance and bonding certificates. I am certified in first aid/CPR/AED and possess all the required endorsements by the proper agencies.

Question: What are AAA coaching services and how does it work?

Answer: Through extensive experience and a lifetime of angling I have compiled variety of knowledge as it pertains to successful angling techniques in smaller free flowing rivers. I find the most excitement in teaching others successful tools, tips and tricks to ensure their self sustenance as a lifelong All Around Angler.

I have developed an exciting opportunity for any/all people from all skill levels who possess a passion for learning how to more effectively catch salmon and steelhead on their own and in a river setting. AAA coaching while properly licensed & insured as a registered Outfitter/Guide is very different in many ways from traditional guiding but certainly can possess an equal number of parallels.

Question: Who can sign up for classes? Is there more than one person in my class?
Answer: Anyone can sign up for classes as each class is customized to that specific angler. Classes/trips are one on one unless otherwise discussed. Classes/trips of pairs I expect to be common especially once I announce my parent/child promotion.
A no cost orientation ahead of time to confirm the level of interest and/or make a 75.00 deposit is standard. If an agreement is made then either a half or full day trip is discussed in its entirety.

Interested in one or more of these new services from All Around Angler? Email me at or msg me on


  1. Awesome Chris! Another level to your AAA endeavor. One thing is for certain, your clients will learn a wealth of knowledge from you and have a fantastic time in the process. Congratulations my friend!

  2. Hellcat says:

    Oh thank you so much John! Your support and respect means the world.

  3. Death Dealer says:

    I can sure vouch for his coaching abilities, one year ago, I had no idea of how to go about fishing and with a little time spent with Chris Heller, I now feel somewhat confident in my abilities. Which I can honestly say would have never been possible with out his guidance. I sure hope anybody out there that is looking to learn how to fish or just better their game give this a shot because I know you will be happy with what you learn. I know I am!!!!!

  4. NIC says:

    This is great man! Congratulations! Look forward to hopefully fishing with you sometime! All the best!

  5. Derek Reed says:

    Very cool brother.

  6. jake says:


  7. Hellcat says:

    Thank you Brother Jake!

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