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Posted: June 17, 2013 by Hellcat in Fish Reports
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The logo to your left is the signature creation of Seattle-based hard core river angler and graphic designer…Mr. Don Melendez. A little about Don and his company The INNER CIRCLE beneath contest rules. Co-sponsored by Lael Paul Johnson of his clothing co. The DUBB Club.

IC Hellcat T shirt
Contest time! All Around Anglers, Dubb Club and Inner Circle are teaming up for an amazing Summer Run contest!
This is one of THREE T’s you can win by entering!!

The rules are simple:

All Around Angler in combination with The Inner Circle and The DUBB Club bring you the newest contest from Team Salmon 2013. The rules are included in the logo below. Please comment here with any questions you may have. This contest runs through the end of JUNE 2013.

1. Share your favorite Summer Run picture on AAA accompanied by a story of 500 words or less.

2. Campaign your entry. Send your friends to like your post on

3. Keep track of your total “likes” through the month of June. (they will be verified at the end of the month).

4. Winner will receive an Inner Circle Tee, a Dubb Club Tee, and a surprise tshirt (Don’t worry it will be dope!)

Here are some Words From The Angler…

“I grew up all over the world in a military family. I’m a skater at heart and always will be. I was in the Marines Corps from 90 – 99. I’ve been doing graphic design since 99. I was in the ministry and even a Pastor for many years. I’m a devoted husband and loving Dad to 5 kids, Justin, Christian, Isabella, Hosea and Giana. I love martial Arts movie, Action and Anime. All types of Asian and Hispanic / Latino food is my fave. I love things that require gunpowder and gasoline and not necessarily combined I own a pug, I love cats, I love fishing. Been fishing religiously now for 6 years (yes I’m young in the sport).” Don Melendez

The two companies sponsoring this contest for three of their slick and sick custom T’s have quite a bit in common with each other and also with All Around Angler. You’ve all heard be talk about Lael Paul Johnson and his DUBB Club clothing company…but what about Don Melendez and the INNER CIRCLE.

What is the INNER CIRCLE, you are asking yourself? It’s a company recognizing angler efforts and supports his and my overall goal of continuing to bring anglers together. Helping people feel good is something Don, LPJ and I ALL have in common. We are experienced and successful anglers who wish to share our knowledge in a way that people excel and thrive on their own.

Besides being an extremely talented workaholic graphic, website and clothing designer….Don splits his available time between his family and his passion of river angling. Don is a natural at bringing people together and doing so through original avenues such as his custom portraitist INNER CIRCLE pieces of which he has created over 91 of them now.

Inner Circle Original

Shown directly above this text is Don’s first of three iterations of the AllAroundAngler design. This design was the 11th one in his book of work (again there are currently 91 pieces). I’m really proud of that and of Don and all his effort put forth into our angling community here in the PacNW. Don’s work is everywhere and you don’t have to go much farther than my website sponsor window to find several of his designs now proudly sported by many of my valued sponsors.

The partnership with Don’s company, as of today, becomes an official one. I’ll be adding Don’s IC logo linked up to his website today with the help of my web team. I’m very excited to announce. Also DUBB Club continues to support Triple A and remains a steadfast partner of my company.

  1. Sal says:

    Nice addition to the Team. I like his stuff and his commitment to bring anglers together to celebrate and share a great sport. . Sal

  2. Hellcat says:

    Thx for the comment Pop. I’m glad my point came across well.

  3. Ken Sheaffer says:


  4. Christi says:

    Where’s THAT sticker??? I want one BAD!!! I have a new car with an awful lot of window space. Just sayin….

  5. Hellcat says:

    I’ll send you one with your order no charge, Christi. You can thank Don Melendez from Silverdale WA on FB if you’d like. Or John Webb. Or both.. LOL

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