Christmas gift ideas? Warm beenies are the ticket!

Posted: December 14, 2011 by Hellcat in AAA merchandise, Fish Reports
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Our new merchandise shipment came in tonight and none too soon! Just in time for Christmas we have new ball caps and two styles of beenies to keep your domes warm.

We have the classic skull cap as well as the Xtra thick billed beenie (Kirby and Deebow love these) now available on the ‘AAA Shop’ page. We ordered them in Black with white lettering.

Really, what other color do you need other than black for your beenies? Exactly.

Also 2 sizes (L & XL) of NEW ERA’s AAA flex fit ball caps once again available as we flew through the first order.

Several of you who have orders standing by that are already paid for…please make sure I have your mailing address ASAP.

Billed Beenie Xtra Thick

Classic Skully


Also available….fridge magnets and bumper stickers……

Thanks for your support and “Keep ’em wet”


  1. Meskel says:

    Mark me down for a Classic Skully


  2. Hellcat says:

    You got it Meskel…and thanks! BTW, if you want it quickly you can mail check or money order into address on ‘Shop’ page and we will mail cap out same day. Cheers homie.

  3. daheller says:

    I have some friends that would love to get these for Christmas. I’ll probably go with two beanies and two ball caps. Sal

  4. daheller says:

    I got some of the biled beanies and they are really nice. I am gonig to give a few for gifts to fellow angler frinds. Thanks AAA. I also really like the ball caps but will wait for warmer weather to get those. Sal

  5. The Hustler says:

    H3llcat, sign me up for 2 billed beanies. One for my pops and one for me. I’m going to try the billed one out. If Kirby digs them they can’t be that bad. I can either pick them up this weekend or put check in the mail and get them next week sometime. Let me know what works best for you. No sense in shipping as we live 15 – 20 mins from each other.

    The Hustler

  6. Hellcat says:

    Right on Hustler! That leaves only two billed beenies left from this current shipment. Kirby, Deebow, J Blaze….who’s gonna get one before Christmas! Seriously though…I would have thought they would sell the other way around but the billed beenies are xtra thick and that’s what people want in the winter. Hustler, just come on by tomorrow if you’re around. I’ll pull them aside for you.

  7. Superman says:

    I’m in the market for a billed beanie if you have any left. That xtra thick should be good for my bald a$$ head. BTW, I got some fish pictures wearing my AAA cap up on FB…

  8. Hellcat says:

    Superman Reed….I have two billed beanies left! I can’t believe how fast those sold. I’ve only sold one skully. I figured it would be the other way around. Would you like me to mail it to you right away? After all, it’s cold out. Also…I’d love to see your AAA hat pics. I have a bunch of grey/red ones to sell and I need a good hat model. Word.

  9. Superman says:

    I’ll put a $20 spot in the mail today. Hope you didn’t sell out in the meantime. I’ll shoot you an email with my address. Thx dood!

  10. Hellcat says:

    Billed beanie or a skull cap? I’ve got you Superman.

  11. Superman says:

    Billed beanie. Thanks brother, I’ll do my best to represent AAA on the river!

  12. Hellcat says:

    You got it, Supe. Thanks a ton.

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