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Posted: February 11, 2009 by Meskel in Fly Fishing, Uncategorized

While some of you have been flogging the rivers for winter steel (A commendable effort to say the least) I have taken what free time i can find to build a few sticks that i have been meaning to get to.


This is a 9 foot 4 weight that i just finished for my uncle.  He is recently retired and is super excited to take up fly fishing.  This was supposed to be a Christmas gift but what can i say it is only a hobby.  I did give him the reel at Christmas with a couple hand tied bugs just to get him excited.

 I stayed true with incorporating “three lines” as often as possible.  The white lines you see are actually three lines and when assembled there are three wraps located at the ferrules – two on top (pictured above) and one underneath.

 I also like to try something new with most builds for family (ie bark grip on Nookslayer’s 4wt) so on this stick i turned a corn cob as the reel seat and filled it with putty.  This picture just does not do it justice.

Next rod is already started – as a favor for a friend i am going to finish a build he had started.  It is a 10 weight TFO that he plans on using for chasing Chum.  He has requested OSU colors so I’m sure that the orange on the black blank will realy pop.


Then maybe i will find some time to get at three blanks i have at home that i had planned to build for myself.  Yea right. 

Also on a side note my retired uncle is a master machinist and upon receiving his reel he decided that it may be fun to make some of his own.  You know im on the short list for a custom built fly reel that i helped design.


AKA Che Guevara



  1. Nookslayer says:

    Nice work Meskel. As I recipient and user of one of your custom creations I can say that they are quite nice. I love my 4wt for the D and plan on getting it out soon. Keep up the good work and make sure to post some photos of the rod you are doing for Scott….even though it is in the tragic colors of OSU. GO DUCKS!


  2. Hellcat says:

    Hey Meskel, I have to tell you what an awesome artist you are! Thanks for sharing your passion with us on the site! If you have any to sell, we can put them under the ‘anglers classifieds’ if you want. Again, great job man. Amazing. Bravo.


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