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Special thanks to Spencer Rhodes, Jeff Donaca, John Strenk, Nates Baits, REEL Lifestyle, Cleardrift Floats & Bobber down jigs, Blaine Pleasant, WL GORE, SIMMS FISHING. #chromesteelhead

Please contact me today to deposit on a trip for February before the end of January and save 170.00. With very slow fishing comes the need to try everything. If you’re in a small river: MOVE. If you’re in a big river with fish on the move: SIT. Change. Switch up lead. Leader length. Bait. […]

Here are some great shots of our recent trip to the coast. Special thanks to Jason Stricker and Kirby Cannon for this very special day. I had five steelhead banked by 9am….personally. What a day. Kirby’s 31″ fish took biggest and Jason caught fish on every method he used. No video was taken to preserve […]

Please enjoy this latest tips and tricks from All Around Angler, LLC. as I show you how to get great yarnies in awesome, fishy colors for about a penny a piece. A day with AAA on the water is full of such anecdotal angling antidotes. 🙂

Here’s Legacy TSer Shawn Richey along side Pete Burgess on a recent LOW WATER steelhead float. 🙂 You’ll see how low.

On what was definitely one of the most memorable weekends of fishing this season I’m definitely inspired to do a write up about all the madness. For now how about some pics from the last week?

Here is a little ditty I put together from a few summer trips this season recently. Some cutting room floor stuff. Kinda fun to mess with. Special thanks to Jim Reed and Derek James Reed for their trip north this year. It was our pleasure.

Title says it all. Nick Nichols and Chris Blanchard along side. Chris’ fish is also shown in the movie. TeamSalmon/NWK/AAA.

By Christopher Heller The beginning of summer is June 21st and is called the SUMMER SOLSTICE. This is the prime time of year to shine up your transition game for steelhead fishing as opportunities while the spring chinook become plentiful, hopefully, and can be located within a short drive of most of our front doors. […]

There are some of the most fantastic human beings I’ve ever met surrounding me right now at this exact point in my life. They’re called Team Salmon. From a life together on the river to a get together with the families in the summer….these guys I have participating with my passion, All Around Angler, are […]