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A huge and special thanks to Washington angler and baseball player extraordinaire Mr. Eric Koenig for his kick ass four piece jig installments all available right here on AAA!! Enjoy the final step. Making your own Jigs part 4 Tying the single bead rabbit fur jig Things you will need – Pre drilled 6mm bead […]

A bobber fishing tutorial from Christopher Heller and All Around Angler, LLC and and Portland’s Fishing Examiner…. No matter the time of year if you’re a drift boat angler on the hunt for steelhead with finesse tactics then sometimes the easiest method is also the most productive. As a professional small river guide I’m […]

Most of you know I’ve been steelhead guiding in small rivers near the Portland-Metro area for the last year or so. Here is a nice trip from the other day with a first-time steelhead angler. His background of pike fishing in MN made him an excellent hardware caster for steel. He got several fish….here are […]

Here’s a couple recent tips and tricks and a shout to some strong sponsor partners….

With more focus on content and less on social media we can get back to where we need to be. Let’s go.

The IT factor. Either you have IT or you don’t. All Around Anglers have IT. Here’s a sampling from some of my March action.

Making Jigs Part 2: Paint There are two different methods to painting jigs that I like to use – those two types are powder or vinyl. Most of these paints can be bought at your local tackle shop or ordered online. For powder paint I like to use Pro-Tec powder paint for the ease of […]

A great friend of my Dad’s, Mark Potyrala…you might remember him from the famous 50+ pound springer video in Canada several years ago….recently popped this TOAD. Keep in mind Mark is six and a half feet tall. 🙂 That’s a good steelhead.

Just another banger from Triple A. You know how we do. Wanna float this section of river with AAA, LLC? One day left. Inquire for details.