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UPDATE: I just received E & C’s demo package today. The customization is very flattering. Good work, Guys. Nothing makes me happier than to see our youth excited about fishing. Fishing has been there for me when nothing else was….and it’s saved my soul from wrong roads and bad turns. If every kid out there […]

Friday afternoon I decided to begin checking river levels and to reach out to my network of All Around Angling contacts for last minute tweeks to my weekend plans. Because I am a river junkie to the core, like many of you, I always leave my options open as to WHERE I’m going until the […]

The two single biggest steelhead I’ve ever caught excluding a big Alaskan fish back in ’95 have come on Cascade Jigs…a custom tie company owned by Daniel Cox. I’ve been lucky enough to fish Dan’s jigs since 2009 and they never let me down. Although I’ve had amazing production on one jig in particular….I’ve always […]