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A great friend of my Dad’s, Mark Potyrala…you might remember him from the famous 50+ pound springer video in Canada several years ago….recently popped this TOAD. Keep in mind Mark is six and a half feet tall. 🙂 That’s a good steelhead.

This movie is one of two saltwater flats films to be featured from my Dad, Dave Heller aka Sal Monid here on AAA. We first look at his bonefish trip to Mexico. Next up: Tarpon on the bobber. * * * I hope you enjoyed this documentary/narrative style movie I produced for dad after his […]

Coming soon, today in fact, you will see a thirty minute film shot mostly narrative style of my Dad’s trip to Talum, Mexico for Bonefish with Mark Potyrala. You may recognize Mark as he is the partner of Dad’s featured in that epic springer movie from Canada a few years ago. Some pics from the […]