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Much more to come from this very special float trip given to me by Pops this last weekend. I mean A LOT of footage. Take downs on film! Great fishing AND LEARNING from DUBB Club Guide Service and Lael Johnson…

All I can say is this picture was taken just a few days ago somewhere in the state of Washington. Ladies and gentlemen I present a man you have not soon forgot….Lael Paul Johnson aka HAWGSAUCE. Truly making a mark here on AAA. Thanks for sharing again, LPJ. What a fish. MOVIE PRODUCED BY LPJ […]

Lael Paul Johnson is ‘Hawgsauce’. Words from the angler… “I had been fishing all day and was getting a lil discouraged because of the water clarity…very clear and low. Fished bait and artificial gear for a long time and worked them hard. As I moved down river I noticed that a clay wall wall putting […]

Feature photo by William Richmond…More fish porn from up north featured right here on from Lael Paul Johnson aka LPJ aka Hawgsauce….this movie features his partners CME aka Seymour Chrome and CS aka The Eagle. A very cool short film for certain.

(…to the left..Lael Paul Johnson and his Drift Boat Nation) I was introduced to Lael by Kris ‘The Phantom’ Jellesed of Phantom Custom Rods and he does not disappoint. His content is raw and regular. Look for much more from Lael in coming weeks. I promise he’s good for it. LP Freaking J * * […]