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John Webb is the owner of In Your Face Graphics and Tinting and is a proud sponsor. He also happens to be one of the hottest rods around this summer. Coming off an insane winter steelhead season and a very healthy spring fishery….he continues to light up the rivers both big and small. His […]

…this movie is produced by and featured three of the baddest river anglers around….(new image provided by Don Melendez) Got your own footage you’d like turned into a kickin’ tail movie like this one???? AAA offers video services and I’ve got the experience to back the play. If so, let’s talk. * * * […]

UPDATE: COAST INCLUDED SILETZ TO COL R>Biggest fish caught in the Col R system (All tribs including Willamette) by the end of July, 2012. Presented by John Webb, Owner of IN YOUR FACE Graphics and Tinting. You MUST check these prizes. 25 bucks to join. John Webb from In Your Face Graphics and Tinting (recently […]

…TO THE LEFT….Chad Lynch aka SDP (steelhead destruction productions) and John Hippie Kicker Webb make a wicked metal hunting duo….. Chris Blanchard and Carlin Sage of the NWKillersFishing team (visit them from my LINKS section) are no strangers to late season heavy metal. Neither is John Freaking Webb. I’m supposed to call John the Hippie […]

John Webb is a no joke AllAroundAngler. He’s river smart. He slays whatever he fishes for. Small rivers. Big Rivers. Steel or Nooks. He slays. He’s also one of the most humble dudes you’ll ever meet. On Saturday he schooled me on when to move and when to stay put by simply moving when it […]

John Webb from In Your Face Graphics and Tinting (recently did the new AAA wrap on the Diamond Back) is offering some amazing prizes and five winning places for the biggest chinook caught between now and the end of July, 2012. Here is some information on how to enter and what’s going to be up […]

John Webb is a brand new sponsor of and will be performing the graphic design Diamond Back wrap coming up very soon. He has also donated a fantastic prize to this tournament. Today though? Just kicking tail and taking names for Springer March Madness. This fish was weighed and certified on a mechanical scale […]