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This movie was shot Sunday, November 4th, with Chad Lynch Guide Service, Chad Brockman Hardy, John Webb and yours truly. Enjoy.

This footage was shot Saturday, November 3rd, Two thousand and twelve. TeamSalmon.

With most of the coastal rivers at near bank full….we were lucky enough to have MCP along today reppin’ TeamSalmon. Along side The Hustler, The Hippie Kicker and myself MCP was able to turn us onto some private access fishing on a small river that was actually in shape. Funny that after 20 years of […]

About a week ago and before our first batch of rain we received in almost 4 months….the coastal tidal fisheries had become very low and unpredictable. It was just about then that John Webb told me he had an impromptu trip for chinook with pro guide and AAA sponsor, Chad Lynch, of Chad Lynch Guide […]

As part of the deal when you’re an AAA sponsor…you get promoted. Facebook, Youtube and Combined that is over 25K people a month seeing your name. In this promotional piece I explain Cleardrift Floats a little closer and give shout outs to John Webb at In Your Face Graphics as well as show off […]

One of my hardest working and most supportive sponsors also happens to be one of the best the business at boat graphics and wrapping. This is of course, John Webb, of In Your Face Graphics and Tinting. I’ve asked John to put together a promotion I can run through AAA and Facebook as a discounted […]

Another exciting edition of Recent catches and kills from AAA. This segment features only pics not previously used in an AAA post. Thanks to all the contributing anglers in this edition helping me keep the best on line angling resource in the industry. Chris Blanchard of North West Killers Fishing ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- John Webb of […]

Got enough eggs out of this hen for three quarts. Yes. I said three quarts. That’s like a hundred bucks worth of bait. Proper. We only fished for two hours. Check out the vid.

By now you probably know I host over a dozen contests a month showcasing products and services from my incredibly awesome team of sponsors and partners. Thanks to John Webb and his donation of decal cut outs I’ve also been giving away these stickers as prizes. The contests usually range from 1 day […]