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Special thanks to Jason Stricker, Christopher Seymour Chrome and Kody Balderston for shootin’ me a few pics to post. Jason Stricker Christopher Seymour Chrome And below are pics from Kody Balderston…

Another exciting edition of Recent catches and kills from AAA. This segment features only pics not previously used in an AAA post. Thanks to all the contributing anglers in this edition helping me keep the best on line angling resource in the industry. Chris Blanchard of North West Killers Fishing ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- John Webb of […]

Some Stricker pics from a day he and Jason Demski had recently…..good looking out guys. Sounds like the bite was fast and furious and ended as quick as it started. Also sounds like Demski was the man. That’s okay, Strick. You’re usually the man so I’m sure you were alright with that. HA!

Follow Jason Stricker, the only RivTech driftboat owner in Oregon (at the time of this production) as he takes Steve The Hustler Gustafson down a local river for some steelhead action in the summertime. Movie Produced by Heller * * *

Featuring Jason Strychnine Stricker and Kevin KND Custom Tackle Roberts….the featured fish was hooked on Kevin’s SPROCKET SPINNER in a No. 5 and Chart in color. MOVIE: * * *

Jon Peterson is in Jason Stricker’s crew……thought you knew….. Jon and Jason worked their A**es off for this fish…but man…have you seen many summers more beautiful than this??? * * * Jason Stricker aka Strychnine is an avid supporter and contributor of AAA and shares his content often. Search “Strychnine” in the search tab to […]