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On a recent All Around Angler, LLC. trip I had the pleasure of being part of a great catch. A catch that hosted the two biggest single skeins I’ve ever seen. It was caught by AAAer, Brian Casey along side Larry Wood. I’ll be working some footage of it captured underwater. It was 39″ X […]

My friend Michael Myhre is currently living the dream. If you ask me anyway. I would like to thank him for sharing these pics from the beginning of his adventure up North….. Michael will be guiding in Alaska through September and I will be featuring an ongoing string of his fish porn. Michael is a […]

….to the left…Joseph Princen with his 54lb spring chinook!!!!!!!! Joseph Princen was referred to from Lael Paul Johnson aka HawgSauce aka LPJ and Kris Jellesed aka The Phantom. Man do I have some butt kissing to do. Thanks to all three of you for taking AAA to a new level with this bad boy. […]