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Boom! Pops getting it done with his own little network. I’m super proud of him.

Here is none other than the very one and only DAVE HELLER aka SAL MONID aka my idol. He took some time to visit our family cabin in WY to chase big trout in small high mountain streams. Here’s what he dug up on some float trips he put together. ENJOY!

Fish need good habitat. As described by T.E. Bigford in Fisheries magazine, August 2013, “Each fish occupies its preferred niche in the ecosystem. The environmental conditions of that space define the fish’s preference at each life stage….water temperature, depth, salinity, flow, bottom type, prey availability, annual cycles and much more.” To understand, protect and restore […]

Would you like to follow my Dad out to the river with notable professional guide Tom Burgess? Let’s see what they got into last week. These are herring-caught salmon. Enjoy and please share the post on your FB page. H3llcat

Enjoy this movie I made from footage provided by Spencer ‘Shaker’ Rhodes on his recent trip with my Dad and Ed Fast.

Here is the much anticipated latest Full Feature film from my beloved Pops…Dave Heller aka Sal Monid. In this movie he not only defies logic by smashing big trout in low water but he also shares with us much about the region including information about habitat…good and bad. ENJOY! I’m so proud of my dad […]

This footage was shot four days ago by my dad…known here in AAA World as, Sal Monid. I am very proud of the education he provides to my readers through is vast knowledge base and passion bucket. Hope you guys enjoy this little narrative detailing some successful spawns right here in a local Oregon river.

Another unforgettable trip in the books for my Pop. I am forever grateful he introduced me to angling at such a young age the first pictures of me fishing are beyond the reach of my memory. His film shooting and narration style is always a well played story with an excellent mix of education. Always. […]

Unless this is your first time visiting you certainly know who my Dad is. He goes by Sal Monid here on AAA but his given name is Dave. In college his friends called him Ardvark. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to share that information…?? After 38 years fixing river habitat and ensuring safe passage for […]