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On what was definitely one of the most memorable weekends of fishing this season I’m definitely inspired to do a write up about all the madness. For now how about some pics from the last week?

Those of you who have been on this ride with me for the whole trip are definitely looking forward to the newest Kodiak, AK coho salmon footage from Dad’s trip to Aunt Judy’s place. Well….IT’S HERE! I know you’ll enjoy this one. Pop and I made it together. Our first full movie we made in […]

Just about the time everyone forgets about coho Steve ‘Hustler’ Gustafson and his Pops, Gus, go and put a hurt on a few. I’ve been real proud of Steve’s development as an angler of small rivers. He has passed a lot of knowledge onto his father as well and they are both now having success. […]

I’m very happy to be part of James Beasley’s WICKED LURES Pro Staff team. If you see me driving by in my four door pickup you can’t help but notice I have ‘’ down the side of it. There are huge things happening for James and you’ll see a lot more from The Wicked One […]

There’s not much to report from this weekend…but there is a little bit. One chrome bright B Run coho hen that came home with me, another one that snapped my Vision snap swivel. And finally after chasing the dream yesterday on three different rivers….a beautiful nickel bright, early winter steelhead that shook my jig right […]

I usually write a little intro about the post right here. I don’t even know what to say about this one…other than I’m sinfully jealous. Joseph Princen and Lael Paul Johnson doing so much damage it’s not even remotely funny. Here’s a few pics as well as Part 1 of JP’s movie series….. JP and […]

Please welcome Lil’ Nick McGuire to He shows up with a BANG as this is easily the biggest silver of the season I’ve seen. Clipped no less. WOW!!!!! Words from the angler……. “Well I bled this fish and it was 16lbs!!! But I think my scale is way off……and yep its a silver! My […]

This new movie features Coho and Chinook Salmon fishing over the last seven days. It features both drift boating and banking fishing techniques and yields some big Coho & Chinook Salmon to make this video really fun. It also features the HawgQuest TV program ‘low-holing’ my dad and a couple other guys. Sal provides a […]

Christopher ‘H3llcat’ Heller w/ one big ass Ho Yesterday I was explaining to a couple buddies who normally have fly rods in their grips what it feels like when a chrome bright, sea lice-riddled coho salmon slams a spoon on a cast and retrieve method. I was pontificating really. Because until it happens to you […]

Like you what you’ve seeing on the new All Around How about a bird’s eye view? Or rather….a view from the top of Sturdy Kirby’s head? TeamSalmon/2011 * * * *