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To all of you over participating in my Facebook activities I greatly appreciate your support. It’s you all who have give me the idea for this most recent article. Don’t ever stop asking the simple questions. You’ll miss the most complicated answers. This ‘edutorial’ is designed to be opened to comments here on this post […]

This post is intended to assist all of you multi-tasking river anglers who end up with roe left over from your fall fishing and need bait for your steelhead season. Fair enough? If you’ve ever ended up with eggs…unused, cured salmon eggs after a season of chinook attempts and endevours and would like to be […]

Proper reel adjustment is commonly misunderstood. By myself included. Read on….from John Strenk, The Reel Tech Recipe for a professional overlay By The Reel Tech As a reel technician, I get lots of customers who are wishing to achieve better casting distance or better “free spool” from their bait casting reels. When I receive the […]

This tips and tricks video is brought to you by the sponsors of AAA I’m so proud to call my partners. Enjoy the tips and tricks! Special thanks to Jason D Miller, Spencer Rhodes, Brandon Hoover and Kevin Gray. Steelhead Tips and Tricks movie here! A very special holiday to all of you sponsors that […]

I hope I can effectively communicate some alternate methods to you today surrounding float/bobber fishing efforts and that maybe one of more of them are new to you thus helping you improve your float/bobber game. I’ll break it down as clearly as I can and hopefully appeal to anglers of all skill levels. Option No. […]

I receive lots of questions about a multitude of rod and subsequent appropriate specifications questions for a variety of methods commonly used for steelhead success during the winter months. Here’s an article I posted a couple years ago with changes made to it today to reflect any changes I feel relevant. Hope it helps you […]

More than anything else discussed with unadulterated opinion in the fishing equipment world among anglers is the topic of fishing rods. And not necessarily rod specifications…although that’s part of the conversation no doubt: Anglers are much more willing to accept different opinions on specs than they are on brand of rod or principles behind the […]

“Seattle filmmaker Mark Titus questions if we’ve learned anything from the resource-extraction booms, and subsequent environmental busts of the last 150 years that nearly extinguished the once-teeming wild salmon runs throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. The Breach will document the intrinsic human connection to salmon in this young, mountainous corner of North America. Those […]

I love this one from John. I tell new anglers this ALL THE TIME. It’s not only proper preventative maintenance but it plays a crucial part of the process of becoming a ‘precise’ caster with spinning gear. CRH An improperly working bail system on a spinning reel can make for a frustrating day and sometimes […]

This tutorial contributed to by Alex Matheson. Step 1: To Start cut a 4-6 inch piece of leader and form a loop. Pass this loop through the eye with the tag ends pointing towards the bend in the hook. The loop ahead of the Eye should be at least 1 inch in diameter if […]