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Anyone who studied journalism or communications…or anyone who has had some form of professional sales during their career is well aware of “The Five W’s”. For those of you unaware….they are the Who-What-When-Where-Why. A person can cover their bases fairly well when reporting or discovering information in the employ of such a designation. I also […]

First introduced to me right here on my website by AAA guest author, professional guide/outfitter and contributor Vinnie Froehlich…Pro-Loks were initially reviewed and presented by him. This article is simply my own evaluation on the product as it pertains only to me. “PRO-LOKS are the most advanced rowing system ever designed. They are the smoothest, […]

Fish need good habitat. As described by T.E. Bigford in Fisheries magazine, August 2013, “Each fish occupies its preferred niche in the ecosystem. The environmental conditions of that space define the fish’s preference at each life stage….water temperature, depth, salinity, flow, bottom type, prey availability, annual cycles and much more.” To understand, protect and restore […]

You know him best as The Hammer. Or Chromehammer. But did you know he’s smarter than a dude with two brains? True statement. Here’s his latest EXCLUSIVE Triple A piece on summers. A GREAT perspective from this die hard AAAer. It’s June and summer steelhead are ascending many of the metro area rivers. These fish […]

Got your notebook ready? Take notes. Do not deviate from the measurements. Ready? Go. And remember…Nates Bait is a proud sponsor of this fine company. Ya heard. * * * TeamSalmon has movies and content on line since 2007. That’s called a foundation. A body of work. It’s a must have if you’re trying to […]

This tutorial was shot today riverside on a beautiful impromptu trip taking slightly more than half a day. Tomorrow will be a little longer effort. Cheers.

Enjoy this little diddy I didn’t intend on making but couldn’t resist showcasing it as I begin to peel the massive onion of footage we shot on Saturday.

New article by Christopher H3llcat Heller. Your comments are always appreciated as are your FB link shares. Thank you for your support. As an active and willing participant in the Pacific Northwest river and stream fishing scene I often provide instruction for anglers of all skill levels. Many of the questions I receive from fishermen […]

FORTY MINUTES of salmon bait curing with the man himself. I would like to thank everyone who helped make this happen. Mostly Neit and Jason. Thanks guys. Now let’s get some hits on this video! Running time 43:00

These are very Next Generation. See for yourself. HUGE THUMBS UP