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Halibut battle coming soon….

Posted: September 30, 2014 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Out of Area

Sneak peak of battle video featuring Sal Monid and one big ass halibooty. Movie coming soon…

Flaggers. Fly fishing snaggers. We’ve all done some angling dirt in our day…but some places this has become far too close to too many people’s norms. Flossing coho. Some sad sh*t. Check this video out.

PORN IN THE FORM OF FISH PIX. DONE. FOLLOW KIRBY CANNON AT @pdxsalmonjunkie both on Twitter and Facebook. Book him today for a variety of angling types and adventures.

Drive East about 14 hours and find the action in Western Wyoming. We do that every summer and love the change of scenery and change of pace. The family has a cabin above a good-sized glacial lake in the mountains. We are about 8 miles from the nearest big town of 1,000 + and at […]

He needs no intro. Just type the name ‘Kevin Gray’ or ‘Chromehammer’ into my search bar here on the website and you’ll see why I say that. Here are three new movies Kevin’s gracious enough to share with us in the TripA world. Buoy 10 fishing youtube 1) Ocean Coho 2) Buoy 10 Coho bite […]

Never a Sure Thing Article by Dave Heller..salmon fishing in Alaska If you have fished for very long, you know that fishing is always fun but catching is never a sure thing. I just got back from a trip to the Nushagak River in Alaska that is a perfect example of this. Three of us […]

Please enjoy this set of excellent warm water fishing clinics provided by my newest #AAAProStaffer and movie-maker David Marcos Soliz.

Please enjoy this little video from my good friend Mike Myhre, avid outdoor enthusiast and All Around Angler Pro Staffer. #MichaelMyhre

Mr. David Marcos Soliz is a proud All Around Angler Prostaffer #AAAPROSTAFF and also a terror on the circuit. I’ve had the pleasure of guiding Marcos and his brother, Rich, on several occasions in the rivers for salmon and steelhead. They are both a class act. Today’s feature focuses on Marcos’ commitment to All Around […]

Mista Koenig drops another Triple A contribution #AAAProStaff Making Jigs Part 3: Materials Now that you have your painted jig heads – whether you painted them yourself or went the easy route and bought them, it’s time to talk about the types of materials. I stick to about three materials when tying jigs but I […]