Let them know…would ya?

Posted: October 15, 2015 by Hellcat in Fish Reports

Hey…if you’re reading this post then you’re probably aware that I have been posting regularly again the past 6 weeks or so. I’ve made a commitment of at least one new post, of some kind, per week moving forward. AND…since I’m not on Facebook or Twitter anymore I could really use your help to spread the word!

If you wouldn’t mind sharing a new post from this website to your social media links that would be awesome! Also, email the post to someone who doesn’t know about AAA. New readers are always welcome!

Here’s how to post a link just in case you’re not sure how to:


*Click on the post you want to share from your computer

*Highlight the URL (web address) at the top of your screen and right click. Then select ‘Copy’.

*Right click into the text space where you are pasting it and select ‘Paste’.

Thanks for spreading the word about Triple A again for me. Grass roots. Fish or die.


  1. Sal Monid says:

    Good on ya. Good to see the posts and a revival of the site. I also still use it frequently for things like Bonneville fish counts, to check tides and links to find stream flows. Sal

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