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Posted: November 23, 2014 by Hellcat in Fish Reports
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With a newly assumed ‘off the grid’ status for the most part I’m on the non-plan plan. Meaning I never really know where I’m going fishing or who I’m going with. Plans are made to be broken with a three year old at home so I just don’t make them anymore.

I’ve enjoyed running around and not worrying about linking up with a bunch of people or declaring to a bunch of people that I’m fishing. That being said I reached out to the Soliz brothers, Marcos and Rich, and asked them to make a run up north. Typically in the fall months I’m only fishing in WA state these days. Because of proximity mostly but also just have grown to prefer these rivers up here.


The weather was in the teens when the morning came around. I decided to go back to bed until it warmed up a bit. In my experience…when you lay back once in a while those trips can surprise you. Which this one did. The three of us hiked a bit and fished light weight egg baits on small hooks. Drifted. Short leaders. No bullshit flossing. We hooked a bunch of fish all of which were real bright fish. It was hen heavy and I ended up with two quarts of DA KINE. In fact…I just laced pop up with a quart for his trip to the Oregon coast tomorrow with Dan Shively.


Anyway….if you’ve got a story like this or anything you’d like to share don’t forget AAA will publish you for all to see. Just HMU with an email to Please include your content written and images in the email. Thanks!


  1. Sal says:

    Nice. Beautiful water and a dandy fish.

  2. Hellcat says:

    Thanks a bunch pop! We were the only anglers hooking fish and that felt really good. It doesn’t happen enough but when it does I relish it!

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