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Posted: August 12, 2014 by Hellcat in Fish Reports

Story by Dave Heller aka Sal Monid of TeamSalmon

We make an annual journey to a lake on the central Oregon coast every year. I started coming to the lake when I was about 12-13 years old and have been there most years since. It is where I learned to row a boat, snorkel the shoreline in search of fish and cast a plug/crank bait for bass. This year my sister Judy came down from Kodiak to get some sun and hone her skills at perch and bass fishing. Last year she got a 6 pounder on a surface plug. She was planning on a bigger one this year.

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Six pound hog caught in 2013

The first three days are windy with some heavy rain on the second night. Bass fishing is slow and we decide to try some perch fishing. Yellow perch is a money fish for eating. Skin and then filet them and coat the filets with rolled corn flakes for cooking. When I am at the lake, I will trade any trout that I catch for any perch that someone wants to get rid of. They think they got a deal but I know the truth.


Great looking habitat but tough fishing this year

Perch fishing was hot and there were lots of good-sized perch running close to 10 inches or more. We zeroed in on water around 20 feet in depth and just outside of the weed beds found along much of the shoreline. Early to mid morning was best and we were getting 20-30 fish over a couple hour period. We even got enough for my sis to take several bags of frozen filets back to Kodiak.


Enough perch for many meals!

Bass fishing never did get with it. The biggest fish we landed this year was around 2 lbs. We caught quite a few smaller than that. Still, it is hard to beat an evening on the lake pitching gear for bass. As the light fades and the bats attack the line thinking it is a bug, waiting for the next lunker to hit always keeps my attention. It was a good trip and I will be back again next year. Hopefully I will be able to provide some pics of some bigger fish.

  1. Hellcat says:

    Totally kick ass, Pop! I sure missed going with you this year. Darn real work!

  2. Marcos S. says:

    Excellent read!Sounds like some good fishing and that’s a monster bass in the pic well done! Good luck on your next bass outing and can’t wait to read the next warm water trip!

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