Judes hit the bottom running…’fish’ that is!

Posted: April 18, 2014 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Out of Area
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Take kids fishing!! This is a special Legacy Team Salmon feature from up and coming All Around Angler, Jude Saindon, reigning from the Flo-Town (Florence, Oregon)….with his bottom fish bonk job! Those are freaking dandies!

Jude Cod

Jude is the son of one of my longest friends on this earth, Mr. Noel Saindon. Damn. I got so many stories with that kid. Okay peace. Good job, Jude.

  1. Big Tone says:

    Seriously!!!!! Noel Saindon!!!! Get out of here!!!! I just had a 22 year flash back!!! I barely made it back alive!!!

  2. strick says:

    Nice lings bud.

  3. Sal Monid says:

    Definitely have to bring the kids along or we are dead meat down the road. Also need to work on the fine art of smiling when holding up the catch. Not sure that the picture of Jude is showing the “glow” of a great day on the water. Sal

  4. Noel Saindon says:

    It was everything he could do to hold those things up. That pic was takin in a split second he could hold them out there. He had the time of his life!!. What up Big Tone! Been trying to get together with my P town homies! Hopefully sooner than later.

  5. Nice Lings Buddy! Not only fun to catch, but great table fare also!

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