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Posted: February 28, 2014 by Hellcat in Fish Reports
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Just a recap of yesterday’s guided coaching trip.


I had the biggest trooper of a nine year old fish all day along side his father, Jacob Miller and myself. In the boat and from the bank. Casting on dimes.

We had one heckuva adventure and even got to show him what mountain whities look like. So the water is still really big. I would recommend fishing very close to shore with finesse tactics under a float. Those fish, what few there are, are super tight.

Our only fish today was hooked 7 to 10 feet off the bank on one of my new Slay Em Baits beads. Cerise and some purple hew. No shot. Rubber banded. Came off at the bank in front of Mr. Miller. At least he peeped it first before I lost it.

Lotta volume to that water. No other fish for 7 vessels I spoke to. Some slayers too. Mr. John Strenk your rods were a thing of pure joy. Both All Around Anglers threw them.

PS-Hey you…yeah you….your sled etiquette sucks. Your name rhymes with Berry Blowman.

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