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Posted: May 1, 2013 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Fly Fishing, Gear Fishing, Out of Area, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead, Warm Water
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NEW CONTEST STARTS NOW! Please read entire rules sheet posted here. This newest contest is sponsored by Gordon Harryman of Bobber Down Jigs in Washougal, WA.

What’s at stake? A very hefty prize pack from Bobber Down Jigs (pics on AAA) worth over one dozen 1/8oz jigs varietal pack, a three pack of 1/32oz Krusty micros, three BDJ custom balsa wood floats, 1 dozen custom 1/4oz in line sinkers and a 3-pack of Don Melendez? Inner Circle Bobber Down Jigs decals. These decals are printed by John Webb? and are done on the highest grade vinyl.

BDJ Prize pack


In the comment field of this AAA conest post you must write 500 words or less about why you like to fish jigs. It can be anecdotal, instructional or narrative in nature. Totally up to you. Write whatever you want.

Once you’ve written your 500 words or less and you enter your comment I will be automatically notified. I will then POST your essay on my Faceboook Timeline. Your post will then stay live for three days during which time your total LIKES (1pt) and orginal COMMENTS (1pt) will be tallied and totaled. Scores will then be posted right here in an updated version of this post.

Each contestant only has THREE DAYS to promote their work. Only LIKES and COMMENTS on my Timeline will count. Once your three days expires your score is final and your essay taken down from FB…but kept live here on AAA.

There is a three day period to play. You may enter THROUGH SATURDAY NIGHT.

Ready set go.

  1. Hellcat says:

    Enter your essay in a comment field like this!

  2. Chris *raw dawg* Slaten says:

    Just wanted to pipe in on the contest. I prefer using jigs for the simple facts. You get snagged up a whole lot less. It’s a more natural way of presenting your lure for a take down. Honestly when was the last time you saw someone flossing a fishing hole with a bobber? Float on. Tight lines everyone!

  3. Hellcat says:

    Contrats to Christopher Raw Dawg Slaten for being the first participant in the kick ass BDJ FB contest.

  4. Kendogwilson says:

    Nothing beats a bobber down (besides maybe a plug hit) but thats only 1 of the reasons I like to fish jigs/worms.

    A jig below a float is one of the easiest, most natural, & least intrusive presentations available. Not only will aggressive fish come to you but the timid ones wont be scared away by the sound of pencil lead bouncing along the bottom or worse, your line coming in contact with them as you pass through the holding water. Tempting a fish from its comfort zone & hooking it away from where other fish may be holding allows you an opportunity to catch multiple fish in the same hole.

    To sum it up; I like float fishing with jigs because its a simple technique to learn, it allows you to catch aggressive fish without disturbing the holding water, & its badass when that bobber takes a dive!

    Kenny Wilson.

  5. strick says:

    My jig fishing started @ a fairly young age. I was in high school and I fished Bradbury jigs. The only dude (that I knew of) making them in the late 80’s, early 90’s. I remember they were 1/4 oz heads, no paint and huge maribou feathers. I also remeber how well they worked!!

    I used to buy them at the old Barton store back in the day. I was usually on my way to the upper Clackamas. I would spend the day sight fishing for summers. Big Eddy, Three Lynxx, Indian Henry and Fish Creek. The upper river back then was awesome. Still is, just can’t fish. Usually, one guy on the bank casting and the other guy on the road spotting fish. “A little to the right” he would shout. Totally awesome.

    Anyway, my jig fishing morphed into a flyfishing obsession. I started nymphing on the Deschutes and also fished the Clackamas. Caught my share of steelhead on my 7 wt. Usually ran a lead eyed glo bug trailed by a green rock worm. Was a lot of casting for those fish. Sore arms chuckin and duckin. Not to mention the presentation wasn’t always in the “zone”. Cast way upstream, let it sink, mend like crazy. Not as effective as it could be.

    So a few yrs back I put down the fly rods and came back to the jig. I tie a lot of my own. Ugly bugs I call them. But catching a fish on your own is definitely rewarding. Also the effectiveness is the main reason for coming back. So much control! It gets down quick, you know where it is and how deep you are. No guessing.

    Anyways that’s my story…..

  6. Derek Reed says:

    I am still a young lad and have been accustomed to the traditional methods of fishing such as bait drift fishing, plug fishing, dabbed a bit a float fly fishing, and well of course slingin spinners. But it wouldn’t be till last year when I was introduced to float fishing with jigs. I had always thought jigs were used for bass and crappy in warm water,but this was a whole another world of fishing. More like a Super Fly to me. The jig had so many patterns, colors,weights..makers, it was an endless option resource to to a kind of fishing I had never done before and had to try. I have been educating myself through friends and just getting out there and doing it to improve on my methods. Now float fishing jigs is my first go to rig on just about every body of moving water and and I still have yet to have that magic of hooking up, but I know that one special hook- up is waiting for me and when it happens it will be a memory of a life time! Tight Lines!!

  7. Kali Hees says:

    My reason is going to be a little different than the rest of you. I like using a jog because my husband taught me how to use one! Fishing is something we both enjoy doing and doing together. Before I met him I used mostly live bait to fish. So I have happy memories of learning about this method!

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