New AAA TV Episode “The Donaca Fam”

Posted: March 7, 2013 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead
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With a Christmas gift to his dad of a trip with his old buddy H3llcat….we ended up creating a memory. Ron Donaca’s very first steelhead. A toad at that. Check out our float in this latest episode of All Around Angler Television.

  1. Donaca says:

    Great video. Had blast out in the DB with team salmon. Thanks Heller for helping my dad get into his first winter steelie.

  2. Death Dealer says:

    You gotta love that MCP is willing to go to war for his guys (pull your fucking anchor don’t you see his back pack) what a fun trip. Ron, way to go man what a awesome winter steelie congratulations.

  3. chris b says:

    dude, finally got to watch it…..great episode right there….the look on D’s dads face….cant buy that!!! way to go guys!!!

  4. Hellcat says:

    Thanks Blanch. It was pretty special dude. Thx for your comment bro.

  5. jeff donaca says:

    Cant wait to see the movie from the floating armada this weekend.

  6. jake says:

    nice fish! props to Mr. Donaca. great vid as usual H3llcat.

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