NEW WRAPTOR ROD Contest: MayStravaganza is just for HER.

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(…to the left…Wraptor’s Texalium handle is sure to WOW…..)

Jay Johnstone (Owner/Founder Wraptor Custom Rods) is in his sixth year of building a very special kind of rod. Unless you’ve been off line or away from AAA over the past month you’ve become familiar with his work and the recently completed contest for a beautiful 5wt fly rod. Not familiar? No problem. Scroll back through my posts to check it out. Moving forward Jay and I are offering a new kind of contest. A contest just for HER.

Where would any of you be without the women in your lives? Your mothers, sisters, wives or girlfriends…auntie’s, grandma’s and more….they’re all responsible for something very special in your life. This contest is designed to reward them and congratulate them for becoming the angler they are today. Or perhaps they simply want to learn how. Jay had an idea to celebrate women by building a rod specifically for them. For YOU.

This rod is very special and you will never ever see another like it. WHY? It’s more than just a ‘custom’ rod. It’s made on a Lamiglas Certified Pro blank as has extremely high quality components such as an Alps reel seat made of marine grade aluminum material and a handle comprised of Texalium. What is Texalium? I didn’t know either until I researched it: So what is Texalium, and how is it different than carbon fiber?

Texalium was developed by a company based out of California named Hexcel. It’s a fiberglass-basic fabric that has a proprietary finish and a thin coating of aluminum on the surface. The aluminum coating is 99.99% pure and approximately 200 angstroms in thickness (One angstrom is one billionth of a meter). This coating produces the highly reflective surface. When paired with the fuchsia handle and died pheasant to match the handle….this baby will really stand out and make a statement of uniqueness.


Doing promotions isn’t easy. It takes a ton of time and thought. Both of which I’ve spent a lot of trying to come up with the perfect contest to match this one-of-a-kind offering for one lucky gal at the end of the month. I would like the level of participation to be high which means simpler is better. We all have very busy lives and most of you don’t have time for project contest entries. With that said….here are the contest rules for the Wraptor Custom Rod which is an 8’6″ 10-20lb rated casting rod to remember.


1) Choose the best picture that depicts YOU as an angler. It can be any picture you’d like but YOU must be present in the picture. At least partially of some sort. One picture only. Place that picture on my FB wall (Christopher Heller…if you’re not FB Friends with me you’ll need to request me by clicking the FB button in the header of this website)

2) Your picture must contain a written blurb about why you started fishing. Your written description can be as detailed as you’d like….and again..must be submitted with the photo, not in the comment section.

That’s it. You’re providing a photo to my FB wall and writing a small description.


The winner will have the most LIKES AND COMMENTS under their photo. Each will count for one point. There are no points for Shares on this contest. Only Likes on the picture itself and Comments. More than one comment from the same individual will only count as one point. For example; if one of your friends LIKES your picture and then puts five comments under your picture…that will only count as TWO points total. The point here is to encourage a diversity of comments from many different people and to avoid a rolling dialog among a select few like so often happens on a FB post.

You may choose to ‘share’ your submission on your own wall to generate traffic back to your original posting on my wall….but keep in mind NONE of the Likes or Comments on YOUR page will count. Only those on my wall will be tallied at the end of the month for this special prize. A small tip: Put a msg on your wall sending people to my wall versus sharing your original post. It will be less confusing to your Friends who will in many cases vote on your wall only and never visit mine. Again, Likes and Comments on my wall only will be counted.

Now, let’s check this beauty out….and remember I’ll add new pics once Jay finishes the whole thing. Here’s some amazing photos to get you going.

You can visit Jay Johnstone’s Wraptor Custom Rods website by clicking on his company name under my links section. It’s well worth the visit.

Good luck to all of you!


  1. Erin says:

    I will look damn good fishin the Rogue River with that stunning fusia rod in my hands!

  2. Hellcat says:

    15 contestants one week in. To see this contest and many more become my FB friend by clicking the FB button on the header in the AAA logo on the top of this website. Don’t have FB? Join today. You’re missing out on a lot of contests.

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