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This rod was won by Chris Blanchard (Certified Slayer) by sharing his favorite AAA post and garnering the most Likes and Shares on FB through the month of April

?6 years ago I started My goal was to create something special. Something different. Something from the heart based on passion, balance and positive in nature. Fast forward to 2012. Thanks to the social media outlet of Facebook and the winning attitude of my AAA readers/viewers/supporters and the like I have an awesome opportunity to showcase one of the most unique rod builders in our arena.

Jay Johnstone, Owner of Wraptor Custom Rods, stepped up and offered one of his one of a kind pieces of angling art work as a donation to my readers. I decided to make the contest something fun. Something useful. But most of all, something positive. HUGE thanks to all who participated in this contest as the numbers involved are well over 300 different individuals. The final two contestants did some very creative self marketing to push their entries to this final minute. Chris Blanchard of Nwk Fishing and Kody Balderston really battled this out.

It was so close we had to count the minutes. Alas in the final hours, even due to an epic push of votes over the last week from Kody (total of 84Likes and 42Shares=126pts) ……it’s Chris Blanchard and Nwk Fishing that pulled it out. He ended up with a whopping 90Likes and 51Shares for a grand total of 141 points. Wow. A tremendous effort from both of their FB Friends Base. HUGE thanks to all that participated and contributed to this fantastic contest. Oh yeah and Chris…you’re paying your own shipping. PEACE!

You can read/watch and comment on Chris Blanchard’s website by clicking on his ‘North West Killers Fishing’ link here on

  1. Kody Balderston says:

    Wow what a ride…

    Thanks to Christopher Heller and AAA as well as Jay Johnstone and Wraptor Rods for making this all possible…

  2. daheller says:

    I got to taske a look at the rod and it is a beauty. Nice job guys. Sal

  3. Amazing rod Jay Johnstone @ Wraptor Custom Rods!!. You do awesome work. As a custom rod builder myself, I know the time, care, and attention to detail needed to complete a beauty like that. A very special prize indeed.
    Congratulations Chris @NWK on coming out the winner. You and Kody showed great sportsmanship down to the end……hats off to you both 🙂
    Very nice of Chris Heller and All Around Angler to make the contest possible.

  4. Hellcat says:

    Thank you, John. You are a class act my friend.

  5. Nookslayer says:

    So jealous of that 5wt… Hope it sees its first Salmon Fly hatch as it is starting t crack off

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