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As seen in’s Portland Fishing Examiner…published today March 14th, 2012.

As the Founder/Owner of I get to fish with many different anglers from all sorts of backgrounds, skill sets and levels of accomplishment. One thing everyone has in common is a visceral desire to be more productive each time out on the water.

Production is something not necessarily measured exclusively by the catch numbers accompanied. Growing and learning to become a more effective angler consists a labrynth of multiple factors that only time and experience can provide.

Even the most tenured anglers out there breathing life into this passion of AllAroundAngling on a regular basis will tell you they never stop learning. Never stop teaching. To never stop exibiting humility in everything we do is what makes us top tier.

Whether you are simplya beginner who has just caught the unshakable angling bug or someone like me who has fished long before my memories will even allow me to recall my first fish ever caught…..we all share the desire to participate. As much as possible.

Hence the need for reminders, some simple and obvious and some not so, so we may increase the effectiveness of our arsenal and bag of tips and tricks. I’m constantly humbled almost every trip on the water.

Certainly on some of my very best days I still find the time to ask questions of those around me, observe their techniques and re-create in my own fashion the ideas I walk away with.

Sharing your own tips and tricks will not only help you learn about yourself and what you have to offer those around you but it may just also bring you the joy one receives from helping that new angler tie into their first fish on a new method.

This, in essence, is the beauty of being an AllAroundAngler. Try it out next time you’re on the water. To see another’s smile upon your tutelage providing them with an accomplishment of their own is truly what this game is all about.

Christopher Heller Founder/Owner

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  1. Great article Chris. So true it is. Being willing to share and help others out, as well as being receptive to the never ending additional advice and knowledge, does make you a better angler.
    So much to learn about this great sport of ours 🙂

  2. Hellcat says:

    Thanks John I think we’re cut of the same cloth my friend.

  3. Death Dealer says:

    I am thankful that you have this frame of mind, for this is what has turned me into a crazed fisherman that thinks about the sport everyday now. I to hope to be able to promote and educate the younger ones coming up. I will do my best to pay it forward. And again thank you very much for taking the time to produce such a great website for all to gain from. You Chris Heller are a hell of a guy and a very good friend.

  4. Hellcat says:

    I feel the same, Nick. I’m glad we met bro.

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