Westside trout fishing….best kept secret around

Posted: February 15, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing
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Will Bome got his trout fishing on the other day and it wasn’t but a hop and skip from his house away. While everyone was plunking bait…he walked the shore and slowly retrieved a flatfish. Whammo.


“The thing that caught my eye was that some people where catching fish by moving there bait…that got me thinking about a reaction bite…so I switched to lures
most traveled to fast but I would have 50 fish cashing my lure. That told me to slow it down but spinners would sink, so I put on a flat fish and matched the color of the water. Chris, I was catching fish on every cast they where crushing it……,I had several people ask me what I was using and then they all started casting lures but they where too fast. Then a school of big fish moved into where we were fishing and I had several drive byes so I really slowed it down and Bang the Toad! It was a lot of fun and the wife had a great time until I caught that Shoulders Malone.” Willem Bome

  1. daheller says:

    Great catch. That big one is a hog. Definitely looks as if he was getting a fair share of the available food. Great idea to cast flatfish. Sal

  2. Nice job Willem…..That big one looks like a silver football…..PIGGY!!!

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