Nick “The Skip” Ross gives us his bio and a Twenty….

Posted: February 3, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead
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Nick ‘The Skip’ Ross goes 4 for 6 the other day and lands an absolute T.O.A.D. worthy of any angler’s envy. Here’s an awesome little Bio he’s provided for us as well….and only his third season chasing winters? Truly a natural. CRH

“Man Chris I love that you stated a site for all the REAL fisherman out there. I never thought I would find another person that enjoyed the game as much as I do. Been addicted ever since I had my first rod and reel in my hands. And for my young age of 22 I have learned a lot along the way, most of it on my own. My family split apart when I was young, about 5, I fished with my dad on the norm but when he was gone it kinda trickled out of my life. For a few years I only got to fish here and there on the weekends, but that all changed when I got a truck, it was on then it was time for me to learn the game on my own! Man in my high school years if you couldn’t find me you might as well try the big river or the woods cause I was bound to be at one of them. I grew up mainly fishing the big river from the bank where I have had some memorable days, some that really stick out are 7 spring chinook landed in one day, don’t ask how many I lost it was one of those days lol, and feb last year landing a 20lb steelhead and my first spring chinook of the year in the same day! Once the boat came in to play it was a whole new ball game but I was up for the challenge of learning another new game, thats where gunz came along. Gunz and I have been pulling his dads boat around with my Toyota Tacoma since I was 16 and man he had to of been only 14, you can only imagine the looks we would get when I back the boat down the launch perfectly in the fall chinook madness at the boat ramp and gunz backs it off at 14 with no parents anywhere to be found, not to mention anchoring perfectly in a hog line of thirty boats, people were just utterly amazed! Me and gunz have had some crazy days on old freaky tales, from 20 plus summer steelhead days multiple times, to straight annihilating chinooks on the troll at coon island, or catching keepers in the estuary. Man those were some good years back when he and I had absolutely nothing to do but fish, and when I say FISH we made bonking hatcheries our job for a few summers! That brings us to winter steel, which I am purely getting hooked on, I have only been at it for 3 years, this is my third season actually. It’s a totally different game, but hasn’t taken me long to figure it out, I wish I had more time, only get to fish about once a week with my work schedule so I can’t put up the numbers I would like. I guess I can’t complain cause I have only been out 9 times this season and I have landed 16 native, and 1 hatchery! Needless to say I fish a river with a lot of nates lol! But I guess I should just consider myself one of the lucky few because some that I talk to are still working on their first winter for the season! Anyways I just wanted to give you a bio for me since we haven’t had a chance to meet, which should happen sometime soon, I love talking fish with someone else who is as fishy as me! And that I really appreciate all the tips that you have on your site, I can tell that you are a very technical fisherman and that’s the same way I am, keep up all the good work Chris!!!” Nick Ross

  1. Awesome Nick! You’ve got the fever my friend and the skills to get it done! Nice work and Dandy of a fish!!!

  2. The Hustler says:

    Nice fish, Nick. Looking forward to seeing more trophy pics from you.

  3. Nookslayer says:

    Nice fish man and welcome to the addiction. Now that we’re all friends how about you cough the location ;). Them are some hogs

  4. Hellcat says:

    Don’t tell him, Skip. Jk.

  5. skip says:

    No coughing up the spot from me hellcat lol! Thanks for reading guys! Keep em wet

  6. Hellcat says:

    A great write up Nick. You’re killing metal this season.

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