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You must first ‘Friend Request’ me on Facebook. Once you do that you’ll be directed to these following instructions which I’ve copied and pasted here in this post for your reference.

Enjoy…you have 2 weeks! Other weekly and monthly contests to come soon.

As it reads on Facebook

“NEW Contest starting today and ending February 20th: Prize is a steelhead care package including 6 floats, 6 jigs, 2 in line sinkers, 1 bag of plastics….and also a secret cure recipe. That’s right, I said it. Here are the rules.

1) Visit and begin to browse the ‘Post Titles’. There are over 1400 posts with titles available. You may scroll backwards from the homepage to do so or you may browse the ‘Archives’ with the drop down menu month by month.

2) Choose your favorite ‘Post Title’ and copy and paste it into this FB post.

3) Viewers of my FB page are then instructed to vote on their favorite ‘Post Title’.

4) The person with the most ‘Likes’ on the Post Title they’ve chosen wins.

I will copy this contest to AAAngler as well as a reminder.

Good luck!”

Thanks for playing and Keep ’em wet,


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