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Posted: January 25, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead, Tips & Advice
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Daniel Cox from Cascade Jigs is now offering customized in-line sinkers from teeny tiny sizes all the way up to chinook sizes. He offers them tied up with ball bearing swivels on either end for his standard sinkers….or simply on one end only for his exclusive ‘break-away’ style sinkers. I’ll show you a picture of each below. These are extremely effective in many different water conditions and are totally innovative. As always, until Dan gets his website back up you can simply call him to order these items or any customized jigs you might need as well. You can reach Dan at 971-222-6299.

Dan Cox can be reached at 971-222-6299. Tell him I sent you.

Keep ’em wet,


  1. Hellcat says:

    Hey guys…..Dan gave me a few of these to hand out to you so you may try them out. They are going to be just the ticket for spring chinook under the float this season. Just comment here if you’d like to try some out and I’ll send a couple your way. Don’t thank me. Thanks Dan Cox.

  2. daheller says:

    I gave Dan a call and we met to look at his stuff. He is doing some amazing and creative work on jigs. I ended up buying 15 or so and am a happy camper. I would encourage others to look at Dan’s work. Sal

  3. scott says:

    hi chris is there any way you could send me a sample of those my address is scott dyer 277 canvasback drive kelso,washington 98626. picked up a 10 ft 6 6 to 12 okuma sst to go with my trio 30 s nice rod. just have to get a 10 ft 6 8 to 17 to round out my arsenal. looked at trio 40 s. i think this is the reel i will use for silvers and chinnok and the bigger steelhead. thanks for answering my questions .

  4. Donaca says:

    Mr. Cox will be at my house this wednesday if anyone wants to come and do some custom jig shopping. Email hellcat and he can give you the info.

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