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Note from the Founder: Special thanks to Superman Christopher Reed for emailing in this most excellent post to me for publishing. He is quickly learning how to produce results in this river game we play. Christopher Heller

By Christopher Superman Reed

“I was fortunate enough to get the invite to go side-drifting with my buddy for two days in a row [horrible pun intended ha ha] at the coast. We each ended up CR’ing a native winter the first day as well as a nice Chinook and a handful of coho. Four of the coho bit yarnie/eggs in faster steelhead water so they were a bit of a surprise, but all were chrome bright and fun for sure! The second day we fished a little lower and ended up with 3 chromers including my fish in the picture and a hatchery hen that was pretty colored up. All steel were taken on yarnie/eggs except for one that went for the bobber/jig.

I gotta say all the credit for this trip goes to my buddy. He knows the river and consistently put the boat in the right place for us to fish effectively. I did pay attention as best i could though and here are some observations:

*We caught fish on every color yarnie we threw.
*All yarnies bit were tipped with fresh eggs.
*The one bobber fish came on a naked jig.
*We fished a lot of good holes really well for no bites.
*We caught all 6 fish out of two individual 50-yard stretches of river, miles apart.
*It was cold as hell. Frost on the bank never melted.
*The water was low and clear.
*All our fish came out of classic riffle and pocket steelhead water.
*We fished from dawn to dark both days.
*5 of 6 fish caught between the two days were between noon and 2pm.

Hope this helps some All Around Anglers get into fish this weekend!


Photo and commentary provided by Christopher Reed for All Around


  1. daheller says:

    Man that is one sweet fish. I don’t like the sound of the cold but I do like the sound of catching fish in the afternoon and when the rivers are so low. Nice work!! Sal

  2. Hellcat says:

    Yeah CR has been fastly learning our river game. A lot of time he fishes your native waters pop. Where Lynn lives. Maybe we could go fish with him sometime. For old time sakes.

  3. Beautiful fish, way to go. Good observations as well, those will help somebody out.

  4. Hellcat says:

    Thanks for the comments, Abe. Stoked to have an angler of your caliber participating.

  5. Superman says:

    Thanks for the props guys. Hey Heller, what up man! I got busy and forgot to thank you for putting this up. You and Sal are welcome to come out and fish that river with me any time. It may be low, but its biting! I got another one yesterday off the bank for a total of 6 winters so far for me this season. Stoked!

  6. Hellcat says:

    Job well done my friend. You are killing it no doubt. I can’t wait to get out there with you again. This the driest December I remember. So many fish just waiting to move.

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